Historic Victory: Alberta Passes Sovereignty Act Motion

Last week marked a monumental moment for our Free Alberta Strategy team.

When we first wrote the Free Alberta Strategy, one of the key ideas we developed was called the "Sovereignty Act" - you may have heard of it?

Our vision for a stronger, more independent Alberta pushed us to develop this idea of a law that allowed Alberta to take the front foot, and take the fight to Ottawa, instead of waiting on the defensive and constantly having to react to Ottawa's moves.

As you probably know - our idea was adopted by Danielle Smith and passed into law just over a year ago.

On Thursday, it was put into use for the very first time when the Alberta government passed the first motion using the Sovereignty Act.

The Sovereignty Act gives Alberta the robust legal framework to assert our constitutional rights and push back against federal legislation that encroaches on our jurisdiction and threatens our prosperity.

The first use of the Sovereignty Act by Premier Danielle Smith signifies a decisive step forward in safeguarding Alberta’s interests by specifically addressing Ottawa’s push for a net-zero electricity grid by 2035.

Electricity generation is exclusively provincial jurisdiction as granted by the Constitution of Canada.

The federal government’s net-zero 2035 electricity regulations are unconstitutional and will have disastrous consequences for Alberta’s economy and energy security.

In our unwavering commitment to Alberta’s well-being, we have repeatedly emphasized the importance of protecting our electricity grid from federal encroachment. 

As supporters of the Free Alberta Strategy, your dedication and generosity have played a crucial role in advancing our mission to uphold Alberta’s sovereignty.

Now, with the passage of the first Sovereignty Act motion, we have achieved a significant milestone in our journey towards securing a brighter future for our province.

However, our work is far from over.

The fight for Alberta’s sovereignty requires ongoing vigilance and determination.

We have no doubt there will be many more Sovereignty Act motions to come.

That’s why we are reaching out to you today – to ask for your continued support as we navigate the challenges ahead and champion Alberta's interests.

Your donation will help us amplify our efforts to defend Alberta’s rights against federal encroachment:



Together, we can ensure that our voices are heard and our province’s future remains in our hands.

Every contribution makes a difference and brings us closer to achieving our shared goals.


The Free Alberta Strategy Team

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