"Thousands of Albertans have lost their jobs, and tens of thousands more are set to follow, if we continue to allow Ottawa to run roughshod over our energy and agriculture industries. We need a viable plan to stop them, and the Free Alberta Strategy would do just that."

- Angela Pitt, MLA for Airdrie-East



"Alberta’s future needs to be decided by Albertans - not by Ottawa politicians thousands of kilometres away. Self-reliance and self-determination are core principles of Albertans, and the Free Alberta Strategy will help to free us from the control the Federal Government exercises over our people."

- Jason Stephan, MLA for Red Deer-South



"Whether it's land-locking our resources, penalizing Alberta’s families and communities through equalization, or using federal tax dollars to trample provincial jurisdiction in healthcare and education, Ottawa politicians continue to target our province. We must be able to make Alberta the freest and most prosperous place it can be, and the Free Alberta Strategy presents an alternative approach to push back against Ottawa’s overreach."

- Drew Barnes, MLA for Cypress-Medicine Hat



"The recent federal election reminds us yet again that Alberta’s contributions to Canada are always taken for granted. Instead of campaign platforms focusing on market access and scaling back equalization, party leaders announced dozens of policies specifically designed to be harmful to Alberta’s economy. We cannot trust Ottawa to look out for the interests of Alberta. We must protect our own interests."

- Todd Loewen, MLA for Central Peace-Notley



"Alberta’s future must be determined by Albertans, not by Ottawa. The Fed’s policies are not only destroying the most dynamic and environmentally responsible energy sector in the world, these same policies are causing costs to skyrocket for our agricultural producers. Our Provincial Government needs to implement the Free Alberta Strategy as soon as possible to push back against these policies and protect our people."

- Stan Grad, Founder and Owner of Soderglen Ranches



"This Strategy ensures Albertans place ourselves in a better negotiating position with Ottawa to get a “fair deal” in confederation. Our province has to do something concrete to defend our interests and stop permitting the dysfunctional relationship with Ottawa to continue. We need to act now to protect our kids' and grandkids' future before it's too late!”

- Pat Barry, Founder and Owner of Barry Financial



"Without a Triple E Senate, Canada is a parliamentary dictatorship. As a province, Alberta will never be treated fairly or enjoy the same rights and freedoms as Quebec. Our wisest choice is to pursue the Free Alberta Strategy. I encourage you to study it, support it and help make it happen."

- Gary Bikman, Former MLA for Cardston-Taber-Warner



"Taking control of Alberta's future out of the hands of meddlesome agenda-driven Ottawa bureaucrats and politicians should be the goal of every Albertan regardless of political stripe. The Free Alberta Strategy contains several proposals that would help this Province do so which is why I support it."

- Pat Stier, Former MLA for Livingstone-Macleod



"Alberta’s mistreatment by Ottawa has become intolerable. Successive governments in Ottawa, most especially this current cabal, continue to attack our Province’s economic interests, stifle our prosperity, and pillage the resources and wealth of Albertans to purchase electoral support in other parts of the country. It must end now - no more delays."

- Rob Anderson, Former MLA for Airdrie



"Though Albertans have tolerated the expropriation of our wealth for decades, the Federal Government’s anti-Alberta agenda is now posing an existential threat to our Province’s economic viability and core freedoms. This can no longer be tolerated. The Provincial Government must act, and the Free Alberta Strategy outlines how best to go about doing so."

- Barry Cooper, University of Calgary Professor of Political Science



"Ottawa has fundamentally breached its constitutional agreement with Alberta. The Alberta Government has a right and duty to renegotiate its terms of membership in Confederation immediately. Albertans need a plan to defend themselves from Ottawa’s continued attacks, and we hope this initiative will provide Albertans with exactly that."

- Derek From, Constitutional Laywer