The Free Alberta Strategy

The Free Alberta Strategy is a series of initiatives our Provincial Government can implement today, without needing any permission from Ottawa, to make Alberta a sovereign jurisdiction within Canada.


You can read the full Free Alberta Strategy here:



The Strategy has two key objectives:

  • Establishing complete Provincial Legislative Sovereignty within Canada
  • Ending Equalization and Net Federal Transfers out of Alberta


The Strategy accomplishes these two objectives through a series of legislative and other policies that must be implemented by Alberta’s Provincial Government, including:


Provincial Sovereignty

  • Alberta Sovereignty Act
    • Grants the Alberta Legislature absolute discretion to refuse to enforce any piece of federal legislation or judicial decision that intrudes on Alberta’s provincial rights, or that unfairly attack the interests of Alberta’s People

  • Creation of the Alberta Provincial Police Force
    • Replaces the RCMP in rural Alberta and municipalities without an established local police force, with an Alberta Police Force accountable to Alberta’s Solicitor General

  • Alberta Independent Banking Act
    • Expands the number of provincially regulated financial institutions across Alberta

  • Alberta Judicial Independence Act 
    • All future judicial appointments in Alberta to be nominated by the Government of Alberta (current members of the judiciary remain in place)

  • Establish international trade and market access relationships independent of the Federal Government


Ending Equalization

  • Equalization Termination and Tax Collection Act
    • Creates the Alberta Revenue Agency to collect all provincial taxes, and recovers equalization and net transfers confiscated by the Federal Government by collecting a portion of all federal income tax revenue at source

  • Creating an Alberta Pension Plan 
    • Replaces the Canada Pension Plan with an Alberta Pension Plan resulting in higher benefits for seniors and lower premiums for workers

  • Establishing Alberta Unemployment Insurance 
    • Replacing Canadian Employment Insurance with Alberta Unemployment Insurance resulting in lower premiums for workers and higher benefits for unemployed Albertans