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After every election in Alberta, once the new government is formed and Cabinet has been selected, the Premier provides documents called mandate letters to each of their new Cabinet Ministers.

These mandate letters outline the government's priorities and policy objectives, as well as the Premier's expectations, for each Minister's performance in their respective roles.

It is also common for these mandate letters to be released publicly, giving us as the public an early look at where the government is likely headed in the coming months and years.

Over the last few days, the first of these mandate letters have been released, so we wanted to bring you a few of the highlights.


The constant theme throughout the letters is a very clear message to the federal government that Alberta will be flexing its muscles on the national stage in the coming four years.

In particular, the two highest-profile Ministries - namely Finance and Energy - got mandate letters that put the federal government right in their crosshairs.


Drumheller-Stettler MLA Nate Horner is in Cabinet as Finance Minister and has been tasked with looking at the establishment of an Alberta Revenue Agency and an Alberta Pension Plan.

These are both fundamental concepts of the Free Alberta Strategy, and both are strongly opposed by the New Democrats led by Rachel Notley.

The concept of an Alberta Revenue Agency isn’t as scary as most of the opposition is making it out to be.

Quebec already has a Quebec Revenue Agency that collects all provincial tax.

Saskatchewan just passed the Saskatchewan Revenue Agency Act, which gives them the ability to defend Saskatchewan's economic autonomy, industries and jobs from federal intrusion and constitutional overreach.

Also, Alberta already collects provincial corporate tax through the Tax and Revenue Administration department.

So, in some ways, the Alberta Revenue Agency already exists - we just need to expand its mandate to include other types of taxes other than corporate tax.

This move would also provide greater flexibility for the province when it comes to provincial tax collection policy.

As a bonus, once this is done, we will then be able to join Quebec in lobbying the federal government for the ability of provinces to collect federal taxes.

This is something that Quebec has been pushing for for quite some time, and while they haven't made any progress in convincing the current federal Liberal Party, several recent Conservative Party leaders have expressed support for the idea.

With regards to an Alberta Pension Plan, there is an actuarial report due to be released sometime soon that has studied this issue.

“It’s something that’s been outlined as a potential opportunity and something that we need to really flesh out and get into the numbers and make sure that Albertans understand,” said Horner.

We’ve pointed out here a few times that Albertans contribute more into the Canada Pension Plan than we take out in benefits.

In essence, Ottawa is using the CPP as just one more way to subsidize the rest of Canada with our money.

We anticipate the report - when it is released - will point out that due to our young demographics and provincial income levels, an Alberta Pension Plan will give us the ability to decrease contributions while maintaining the same benefits to our seniors, keep contribution levels the same while increasing benefits to our seniors, or some combination of the two.

Alberta’s exit from the Canada Pension Plan would also leave a huge hole in the national fund - one that would require premiums to dramatically increase in the rest of the country to make up for the subsidy they'll no longer be getting from Albertans.


Fort McMurray-Lac La Biche MLA Brian Jean steps into the crucial role of Energy and Minerals, a very fitting role given the riding he represents is the very heartland of the energy industry.

Jean will face off against a federal government that has been violating provincial natural resource jurisdiction ever since its election, and he will be expected to stand up to the politicians in Ottawa who are seeking to systematically decimate our natural resource industry.

Specifically, Jean is tasked with “defending Alberta’s energy interests against federal overreach and developing strategic alliances with other provinces to deal with energy-related issues.” 

Recently, Federal Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault has gone so far as to state his belief that oil and gas production is likely to be reduced by 75% by 2050.

And given Justin Trudeau's plans for a Just Transition / Sustainable Jobs Act, a net-zero electricity grid by 2035, an emissions / production cap on oil and gas at the end of this year, and more, we should believe him when he says he intends to try.

Considering the impact the aggressive climate ambitions of the federal government are anticipated to have on the national economy, prioritizing the defence of the industry on a jurisdictional basis is absolutely essential to ensure the future of Alberta.


Horner, Jean, and the rest of Cabinet are about to become willing participants in the biggest fight of their political lives. 

They will be expected to stand up for Alberta against the next wave of federal attacks and wrest control of our future back from Ottawa.

Here at the Free Alberta Strategy, we will be pushing the government to stay resolute in the face of these attacks, and to implement our ideas and proposals.

We’ve seen once before that a government in Alberta can be elected on a strong mandate to stand up to the federal government but back off when left-wing activists and media pressure them to stop.

That's why we need to keep the pressure on to keep going, and make sure this government follows through. 

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The Free Alberta Strategy Team


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  • Bernice Legge
    commented 2023-07-23 17:37:01 -0600
    I would like to see the mandate letter for my constituency’s MLA Rajan Sawhney. She doesn’t file monthly reports for our Tuscany News Pamphlets like her predecessor did. I replied upon these reports
  • Free Alberta Strategy
    published this page in News 2023-07-21 02:05:42 -0600