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Congratulations are in order!

From one province to another, we tip our caps to our neighbours to the east.

Last week, the Saskatchewan Firearms Act - legislation designed to enhance public safety and protect the rights of law-abiding firearms owners - was passed in Regina.

This legislation will create a strong, consistent framework to enhance public safety and support the proud tradition of responsible firearms use and ownership in this province,” said Saskatchewan Corrections, Policing and Public Safety Minister Christine Tell.

Just last month, Alberta took similar steps, with the passing and implementation of its own Bill 8, the Alberta Firearms Act.

Now, both Saskatchewan and Alberta have built-in protections against federal firearms confiscation schemes. 

This is a major step in enhancing public safety - especially in rural areas where a minimal police presence is often scattered and therefore slow to respond to major crimes.

Public safety has become a top-of-mind issue in the eyes of voters over the past few months. Crime continues to rise, with the leading story in the nightly news usually having to do with a drug bust, a stabbing, or a police search. 

Federal bail reforms, meanwhile, have created an air of lawlessness with catch-and-release policies putting violent offenders back on the streets.

That's why the next step is to ensure we move forward with a provincial police force.

Heck, even the federal government has suggested we do so.

A 2021 report, written by the Liberal-led House of Commons Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security recommends that, “the government of Canada explore the possibility of ending contract policing within the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and that the government work with the provinces, territories and municipalities to help those interested establish their own provincial and territorial police services.”

You read that right.

The Government of Canada is exploring the possibility of ending the RCMP contract with the provinces, and is interested in having provinces establish their own police services.

Contrary to the howls from the NDP in Alberta, the idea of a provincial police isn't actually all that radical - just ask anyone in Ontario or Quebec.

Creating a provincial police force would allow for full control of law enforcement to remain within the province, giving policy and budgetary control to local decision-makers to focus on priorities that Albertans need.

While our focus as an organization will always remain on Alberta, it's incredibly pleasing to see the Saskatchewan government follow suit and take steps to further their provincial autonomy too, and we are ready and willing to help our neighbours in any way we can.

As always, our small team relies entirely on donations from people just like you to do our work.

If you can contribute to help us follow through on all our progress over the last year, we would greatly appreciate your support.

Thanks again to you all for everything you've done to advance our cause so far.


The Free Alberta Strategy Team

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