Keep On Truckin’ Canada

Hero is an overused word.

It’s often inappropriately applied to movie stars, politicians, athletes, and media personalities with little thought.

But a true hero – at least as the dictionary defines one – is an individual who, in the face of danger, combats adversity through feats of ingenuity, courage, or strength.

The word hero is literally Greek for protector or defender.

It’s a word that should be used sparingly, but now, we are indeed seeing heroism in our country, as tens of thousands – in the name of defending and protecting our freedoms – have left their families to plunge themselves into ice cold temperatures, spend money many can’t afford, and put their lives and what’s left of their businesses on hold, to join the Great Canadian Truck Convoy of 2022.

And the whole world is watching.



They are watching a nation waking up together – and using peaceful protest combined with nerves and will of steel – to put an end to a collective nightmare.

Our federal and provincial governments and institutions in this country - whether well-meaning or not in the beginning – have grossly over-stepped their moral authority. Their so-called health measures and mandates have long since passed from taking reasonable precautions into a full assault on our most cherished liberties and freedoms.

Our children have been robbed of 2 years of proper education and social development – the cost of which is already devastating and becoming more apparent with each passing day, especially when we consider deaths from suicide and overdose.

Our seniors have been robbed of 2 years of love, affection and hugs – many dying alone – and quite frankly, dying from loneliness.

Honest and hard-working men and women have literally been forced, under threat of losing their jobs, their post-secondary education, or even their child’s right to play their most cherished sport, into taking a medical procedure without their informed consent.

Those who have refused have been vilified, discriminated against, lost their jobs, and have otherwise been treated as subhuman.

And with a 5th wave, 3rd shot, skyrocketing inflation, and no end in sight to the repeated state of declared emergencies curtailing freedoms and draining our pockets, the tinderbox was finally lit when our national embarrassment of a Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, announced that any trucker – the very people who he had praised months earlier for keeping food on our tables through the pandemic – would either submit to vaccination or lose their ability to make a living.

The little tyrant finally went too far, and the people stood up, led by real hard-working men and women who literally feed their families through endless long hours of work in those very trucks packing Ottawa this week.

That can be hard for someone like Trudeau to understand – his living and riches have always come from taxpayer pockets and Daddy’s trust fund. He literally doesn’t get it.

And as hard as he and his grotesque entourage of woke media, bureaucrats, and politicians worked to vilify and persecute the “fringe minority” with “unacceptable views”, the truckers – and by then  hundreds of thousands more Canadians inspired by them – descended upon Ottawa and provincial capitals and border crossings to secure an end to the lawlessness imposed upon all of us by our failed governments.

The woke media mob failed.

What did Trudeau do? Well, he went into hiding, pretending to be at risk from these peaceful protesters. What a coward.

But don’t think for one moment the Convoy hasn’t worked.

Premier Moe of Saskatchewan has announced an end to all COVID restrictions within the month.

Jason Kenney, still tone-deaf as ever, has finally announced the imminent end of the ineffective and discriminatory vaccine passport system and an end to all COVID restrictions by March.

BC and Ontario have announced they are moving towards lifting restrictions.

The federal Conservatives have ditched the COVID-restriction-loving Erin O’Toole in favour of a new leader, largely due to his total lack of courage on this issue.

It is working. The truckers are winning. Our country is winning.

The Truckers seem to have created a national belt or bridge of sorts, bringing us all together across thousands of kilometres and millions of homes.

All of a sudden vaccination status is becoming as irrelevant as the colour of our skin – and that’s as it should be.

So that is why I will invoke the word hero for those truckers – and their supporters – who have sacrificed their time and means this week to defend and protect the freedoms of their families and of mine.

On a personal note, as many of you know, I have been spending a lot of time working on the Free Alberta Strategy to help secure a strong and sovereign Alberta within Canada. I firmly believe that the only way to save our nation is to restore money and power back from Ottawa to the provinces, and let the provinces govern themselves as much as possible.

I must admit, though I want Canada to stay together, it sometimes feels like we are destined to fall apart as Ottawa pits Alberta against Quebec, Ontario against the West, and endlessly tries to sew discord between otherwise friendly neighbours through the use of divisive identity politics.

But today I am more hopeful that there is a way forward, that Canada can work, and that we may indeed have the strength to change, to respect and even to celebrate each other and our different ways of living and earning a living. We aren’t there yet – but it's hard not to be hopeful after this week.

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  • Bernard Pagenkopf
    commented 2022-02-10 10:30:19 -0700
    Well said Rob!