O'Toole v. WEXIT



Erin O'Toole's selection as Conservative leader won't help the West…but the West throwing Canada a curve ball sure will!


If Ottawa Won’t Sanction the US, Alberta Must Sanction Ottawa

Within hours of taking office, newly elected US President Joseph R. Biden Jr. withdrew the US federal permit for the Keystone XL pipeline, effectively killing the project on the spot. 

Biden is of course, likely clueless as to the facts surrounding Keystone. He likely has no idea, nor does he care about the tens of thousands of jobs he just terminated, the financial opportunities for indigenous groups he just destroyed, and the children he just introduced to welfare. 

He made this decision simply because he is part of the Democratic Party, which is now at the mercy of eco-extremists, socialists and adherents to the Great Reset program.

Trudeau Moves to Crush Alberta



Justin Trudeau's carbon tax has one primary objective - to take down Western Canada's energy industry once and for all. Will we let him or will we fight back?


Free Alberta



Alberta is on the road to economic ruin - we must free ourselves from the tyranny of Ottawa, and soon. First step - implement the 'Fair Deal' Report and more...