Remarkable Progress

Last September, we launched the Free Alberta Strategy in a virtual press conference attended by journalists from across Alberta and Canada.

Despite being written by several lawyers and public policy experts, receiving endorsements from a number of MLAs and high-profile Albertans, and being a solution to perhaps the largest challenge Alberta faces, most of the journalists, honestly, kind of dismissed us.

Well - as the saying goes - they aren't laughing now.

Discussing The Free Alberta Strategy With Danielle Smith

As you know, we launched the Free Alberta Strategy six months ago to advocate for Alberta to take control of its future from Ottawa through the passage of the Alberta Sovereignty Act in the provincial legislature, the replacement of the RCMP and CPP with our own police force and pension plan, the collection of our own taxes, and more. 

Since then, we have hosted 14 town halls with 10 elected MLAs, covering every electoral constituency in Alberta, with almost 3000 Albertans attending.

But we know that not everyone was able to attend one of those 14 meetings, which is why I was very pleased to join Danielle Smith on her show last weekend for a long-form 90-minute interview to explain the strategy in detail

The video of that interview is now available for you to watch whenever is most convenient for you:



Keep On Truckin’ Canada

Hero is an overused word.

It’s often inappropriately applied to movie stars, politicians, athletes, and media personalities with little thought.

But a true hero – at least as the dictionary defines one – is an individual who, in the face of danger, combats adversity through feats of ingenuity, courage, or strength.

Who Controls Alberta's Health System? Alberta Or Ottawa?

Sometimes life takes us down unexpected paths, and these last couple of months have exemplified that for me.

For those who aren't aware, when I am not busy promoting the Free Alberta Strategy, I am a practicing lawyer. In recent months, however, these two worlds have somewhat merged.

During the pandemic, government and government officials have utterly failed to perform their most sacred duty - that of protecting the rights and personal liberties of their citizenry. COVID restrictions and mandates seemed to keep multiplying week by week, while freedoms diminished.

All Around Alberta

Six weeks ago, we kicked off our Free Alberta Strategy Town Hall tour of Alberta, and we wanted to give you an update on the events we've held in that time.

Hundreds of Albertans have attended these virtual events which we've held for ridings all across Alberta, including:

Ottawa Tells The West To Freeze In The Dark

Albertans are entirely familiar with Ottawa unilaterally imposing new laws and making pronouncements that specifically target the welfare and prosperity of our Province. It’s as predictable as a cold snap in January.

However, Canada’s new Environment Minister, long time Eco-Evangelist and Greenpeace activist, Steven Guilbeault, raised Ottawa’s virtue signalling insanity to a new level at the UN’s recent climate alarmism conference (known as “COP26”), with his announcement to the world that Canada has committed to “eliminate fossil fuel electricity production by 2030”.

Premier Moe Adopts Free Alberta Strategy Approach For Saskatchewan

Two months following the release of the Free Alberta Strategy, Saskatchewan Premier, Scott Moe, stunned the Ottawa political establishment, stating that Saskatchewan is a distinct nation within Canada, and demanding the same deal that Quebec has with Ottawa – namely, the right of self-governance and independence from Ottawa policies that run counter to the interests of his Province.



The cornerstone objective of the Free Alberta Strategy is to see the Government of Alberta pass the Alberta Sovereignty Act. This legislation would declare Alberta a sovereign jurisdiction within Canada (aka. a nation within a nation) and grant the Provincial Legislature authority to refuse enforcement of Federal laws and judicial decisions that interfere with Alberta’s provincial rights or that attack the well being of Albertans (for example, the carbon tax and Trudeau’s recently announced oil and gas sector emissions cap).

MLA Jason Stephan Speaks In The Legislature On The Free Alberta Strategy

Uncensored: Vote Yes to End Equalization

Join us at 7:00 pm this Tuesday when Danielle Smith, Rob Anderson, Bruce McAllister, & Bill Bewick take on the October 18 equalization referendum.

People Are Talking About The Free Alberta Strategy

Last week, we were very pleased to launch the Free Alberta Strategy, a new plan to Free Alberta from Ottawa's corruption, control, and economic oppression.

At our launch event, I made it crystal clear to everyone listening that Alberta’s treatment within Canada has become intolerable.